Listed below are the species covered by the ladybird recording scheme. They are in taxonomic order and link to accounts where more details of the species can be found.

Suborder: Polyphaga
Superfamily: Cucujoidea
Family: Coccinellidae
Genus: Coccidula
Genus: Rhyzobius
Genus: Rodolia
Genus: Stethorus
Genus: Clitostethus
Genus: Scymnus
Genus: Nephus
Genus: Cryptolaemus
Genus: Hyperaspis
Genus: Platynaspis
Genus: Chilocorus
Genus: Exochomus
Genus: Coccinula
Genus: Anisosticta
Genus: Tytthaspis
Genus: Myzia
Genus: Myrrha
Genus: Propylea
Genus: Calvia
Genus: Vibidia
Genus: Halyzia
Genus: Psyllobora
Genus: Anatis
Genus: Aphidecta
Genus: Hippodamia
Subgenus: Hippodamia
Subgenus: Adonia
Genus: Coccinella
Genus: Adalia
Genus: Harmonia
Genus: Henosepilachna
Genus: Subcoccinella