Hyperaspis pseudopustulata Mulsant, 1853

Taxonomy: Polyphaga > Cucujoidea > Coccinellidae > Hyperaspis > Hyperaspis pseudopustulata


Hyperaspis pseudopustulata
Lech Borowiec


Length: 3-4mm.  Basic colour: black.  Pattern: two small orangey-red spots near tips of elytra.  Number of spots: 2. Pronotum: black with orangey-red lateral and, often, anterior margins.  Head colour: black and red.  Leg colour: black and brown.  Other features: hairless; mouthparts and antennae brown.


Habitats: costal or wet habitats. Host plants: low vegetation at water margins, Reed and Reedmace. Food: scale insects and aphids. Overwintering sites: leaf litter and moss.

Distribution (may take a minute to appear)