Recording ladybirds

The easiest way to submit records of ladybird observations you have made is to do so using our on-line recording form within iRecord. Please do upload a photograph with your record because then we can verify it.

You might have just one record (incidental record) or lots of records from one site on a particular day (site survey).  Both these can be added using the iRecord form.

Incidental record

If you have been out somewhere (perhaps for a walk, shopping or in your garden) and you have noticed a particular species, you can record just that incident.

Fill in the form for each incidental record. So, if you saw a 7-spot ladybird in your office and a pine ladybird in the park, you should complete two iRecord on-line forms.

Site survey

If you have surveyed a specific site (for example a nature reserve, a park, your garden), please record the numbers of all the species you observed in one form.

Alternative ways to record

If you have records to submit in spreadsheet format, please email them in an Excel file to:

Alternatively, to send records on paper, you can download a recording form (Excel format), that can be posted to:

The UK Ladybird Survey
CEH Biological Records Centre
Maclean Building
Benson Lane
Crowmarsh Gifford
OX10 8BB