UK Species of Net-Winged Beetle

There are 4 British Species of net-winged beetle (Lycidae). One of these (Platycis minutus) is quite widespread. The other three UK species are very restricted and quite rarely encountered. Their features are listed below:

  • Antennae: Thick and black, almost serrate (One species, Platycis minutus (F.), has yellow antennal tips)
  • Pronotum: Black or red (bicoloured in very rare Erotides cosnardi (Chevrolat)) with distinctive patterns of ridges
  • Wing cases:  Bright red with distinctive longitudinal ridges and smaller cross-veins in-between
  • Legs: Black
  • Tarsi: 5-5-5

Where to find them: Associated with rotting wood (specifically that infested with white-rot fungi) in ancient woodlands.