Soldier Beetles and Allies Recording Scheme

This recording scheme covers all the British members of the  families: Cantharidae (soldier beetles), Lampyridae (fireflies), Lycidae (net-winged beetles) & Drilidae

Records for all members of the above families are encouraged via the iRecord website or mobile app. Alternatively, records can be sent in a spreadsheet format (use the contact links below for details).

The scheme is now run by Stephanie Skipp who is willing to answer queries or recieve specimens for identification. 

The Soldier Beetles and Allies Recording Scheme has recently chenged hands from its former organisor, Keith Alexender. Keith's extensive contibutions to the scheme have included the following publicatons:



New guide to soldier beetles

Mark Gurney (who wrote the guide to beetle families on this website) has produced a brilliant new guide to the soldier beetles (genera Cantharis, Rhagonycha, Podabrus, Silis, and Ancistronycha).