THOMAS, J ames R.A.

Published with Thomas Eccles and Stanley Bowestead The Coleoptera of the Sandhills Area of South Lancashire, 2016, 136 pp. Raven Entomological Society, and The Coleoptera of the Witherslack area of Cumbria, 2017, 86 pp. He was a subscriber to the Coleopterist from 2006 (PH 7/18/ MD 7/18)


The following is taken from Atty (1983), iii-iv: 'An antiquary who lived in Wotton-under-Edge for most of his life and collected local insects of many groups, but after 1875 especially Hymenoptera. He compiled a manuscript list of the Glos. beetles for the Victoria County History, submitted to them in January 1903 but never published. I have a copy of this, made by R.S.George. In Bristol City Museum are some eight preliminary notebooks with beetle records, four of which are apparently a rougher draft of the others: I have copied all these.

MORSE, Edgar W.

Atty (1983, iv-v) describes Morse as 'An exasperating mystery. In [C.F.] Lifton's [q.v.]1940 list...numerous uncommon species are attributed to "Newnham: Morse" with no details whatever apart from an occasional otiose "rare" (The number of rarities is astonishing: with some genera one gets the impression that all the rare species have been ticked off, and anything less common omitted). Many of these species, moreover, appear in Perkins' [q.v.] list for "Newnham" but with Lifton, not Morse, as the contributor.

LIFTON, Edgar W.

Lived in Gloucester and compiled 'The first list of the Coleoptera of Glos.' for the Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club in 1940 containing 1055 species. Atty (1983, v) notes that his main contributors were named as Morse, Lifton, Watkins, Davis, Rev. C.J.Nash, Rev. G.M.Smith, Edwards, C.G.Clutterbuck and C. Nicholson and that 'the great bulk of this manuscript is based on Davis's captures, along with the enigmatic Morse records.


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