SMITH, Kenneth George Valentine

Well known Dipterist, entomological historian and biblipohile. Published Gnorimus nobilis L. in Worcestershire in EMM, 84, 1948, 288, and five notes on Cerambycidae including 'Acanthocinus aedilis L. and Aromia moschata L. in Birmingham' in the same journal, 1949. There is a full obituary by Adrian Pont, with portraits and a comprehensive bibilography, in EMM., 154, 2018, 217-232. (MD 8/20)


Primarily known for his work on Diptera and, later, sub-fossil insects, but in his role as Keeper of Natural Sciences at Doncater Museum he inevitably came into contact with Coleoptera. His AIDCAP book Insects of the Cow-Dung Community, 1991, contains very useful keys and illustrations to many Coleoptera.


We were so pleased to meet with so many people through the three identifying and recording ladybirds webinars.

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