Weevil and Bark Beetle Recording Scheme

The Weevil and Bark Beetle Recording Scheme collates records of these beetle groups to inform research and conservation. It includes all species that fall within the Curculionoidea superfamily. The scheme is run by Adrian Fowles, Colin Campbell and Mark Gurney.

Mark Gurney is working on a series of identification guides which can be downloaded here. See also Mark's weevil photo albums on Flickr, and the other resources listed in the menu to the left.

Records of weevils are welcome and can be passed on to the recording scheme via iRecord, via the iRecord app, or sent in direct via spreadsheets.

Contact the recording scheme.

weevil Rhinoncus perpendicularis


Links to weevil identification guides

We've Parts of a weevil illustrationadded links from this website to Mark Gurney's superb weevil identif