Existing Records

A national recording scheme for the UK has been in operation since 1979 – about 320,000 records are available. Some of these records are available through the NBN Gateway.

A major effort to improve biological recording of water beetles in Ireland was completed in 2009. About 39,000 records can be accessed through the National Biodiversity Data Centre at Waterford.


A record card for water beetles is available from BRC Record Cards - RA72. It is listed as Coleoptera: aquatic and is available as a PDF file. Alternatively, copies can be ordered from the Biological Records Centre.

On-line recording facilities are under development.

Identification Service

Water beetles can be difficult to identify. The process is easier if you have a few named specimens with which to compare new material.

We hope to start a web-based identification service but in the meantime get more information from the scheme organiser.

If submitting material for identification it is essential to supply recording data.