Sphaerites glabratus (Fabricius, 1792)

Taxonomy: Polyphaga > Hydrophiloidea > Sphaeritidae > Sphaerites > Sphaerites glabratus


Sphaerites glabratus


Shining black, with brassy metallic reflections, the 4-6mm beetle Sphaerites glabratus is found in coniferous forests, mainly in decaying fungi but also at sap runs and in dung or carrion.  The pygidium extends beyond the truncated ends of the striate elytra.


Denton, J. (2002). Some notable Coleoptera from The Oaks, Kingston Lacy, Dorset, including Sphaerites glabratus (Fabricius) (Sphaeritidae) new to Southern England. The Coleopterist 11(2): 39.

Distribution (may take a minute to appear)