Paradromius longiceps (Dejean, 1826)

Taxonomy: Adephaga > Carabidae > Paradromius > Paradromius longiceps


Paradromius longiceps
Paradromius longiceps


Size: 5-6.5mm
Basic colour: Mid-brown
Pattern colour: Head dark brown, pronotum and elytra red-brown, elytra with a dark sutural mark in apical third, this sometimes expanded almost to reach sides of elytra.
Pronotoum: Elongate, side borders raised.
Leg colour: Pale and elongate.
Confusion species: Paradromius longiceps


Status: Very scarce. Local in eastern England, mainly Yorkshire and East Anglia. A relict fenland species.
RDB Category: Vulnerable
Habitat: Reed beds and coastal litter.
Other notes: Head longer than wide, temples much longer than longitundinal diameter of the eyes; frons with only a single furrow inside each eye.


Drake, C.M. (2007). Paradromius longiceps (Dejean) (Carabidae) in Hampshire. The Coleopterist 16(2): 79.

Distribution (may take a minute to appear)