Longitarsus jacobaeae (Waterhouse, G.R., 1858)

Taxonomy: Polyphaga > Chrysomeloidea > Chrysomelidae > Longitarsus > Longitarsus jacobaeae


Size: 2.5-3mm
Basic colour: Pale yellowish
Pattern colour: None
Number of spots: None
Pronotoum: As basic colour
Leg colour: As basic colour
Confusion species: Longitarsus flavicornis

Palaearctic; introduced into North America.


Status: Widespread and locally common
Habitat: Various
Host plant: Ragworts (Senecio spp.)
Overwintering: As adults
Food: Adults on leaves, larvae at root-crowns and petioles of lower leaves.
Other notes: Dissection of aedeagus needed to separate this species from L. flavicornis. Two Hymenopteran parasites known: a braconid (probably Perilitus sp.) from adults, and a mymarid (Anaphes sp, probably A. euryale) from eggs.


(1975). Longitarsus jacobaeae Waterhouse (Col., Chrysomelidae) identity and distribution. Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine 111: 33-39.

Distribution (may take a minute to appear)