Isochnus sequensi (Stierlin, 1894)

Taxonomy: Polyphaga > Curculionoidea > Curculionidae > Isochnus > Isochnus sequensi



Dodd, S. (2012). Isochnus sequensi (Stierlin) (Curculionidae) apparently new to North Hampshire (VC 12). The Coleopterist 21(2): 103.
Morris, M.G. (2010). An early specimen of Isochnus sequensi (Stierlin) (=populicola (Silfverberg)) (Curculionidae) from an additional locality. The Coleopterist 19(3): 119.
Welch, R.C. (2009). Isochnus sequensi (Stierlin) (Curculionidae) and Crepidodera nitidula Linnaeus (Chrysomelidae) in Cambridgeshire (Vice-county 31, Hunts.). The Coleopterist 18(3): 203.

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