Harpalus froelichii Sturm, 1818

Taxonomy: Adephaga > Carabidae > Harpalus > Harpalus > Harpalus froelichii

Common name: 

Brush-thighed Seed-eater


Harpalus froelichii
Harpalus froelichii


Size: 8.5-10.5mm
Basic colour: Male shining black, female slightly duller.
Pronotoum: Sides evenly rounded and base straight; foveae linear and unpunctured; hind angles slightly rounded.
Leg colour: Black with pale tarsi.
Confusion species: Harpalus tardus

UK Priority Species data collation Harpalus froelichii. 


Status: Scarce. Local in central southern England and East Anglia.
UKBAP Species: Yes
Habitat: Sandy lowland heaths, sand pits and dunes.
Other notes: Antennae and palpi entirely pale brown. Front tibiae with a single row of ventral spines continuous with the pre-apical external spines; all femora with numerous ventral setae. Elytral striae deep, intervals slightly convex. Apical two abdominal segments with fine scattered pubescence. Wings present.


Luff, M.L. & Eyre, M.D. (2012). Harpalus froelichii Sturm and other Carabidae from Lincolnshire. The Coleopterist 21(1): 37.

Distribution (may take a minute to appear)