Callosobruchus maculatus (Fabricius, 1775)

Taxonomy: Polyphaga > Chrysomeloidea > Chrysomelidae > Callosobruchus > Callosobruchus maculatus

Common name: 

Cowpea Seed Beetle


Size: 2.7-3.8mm
Basic colour: Brownish to blackish
Pattern colour: Pale patches and bands of pubescence
Number of spots: Variable.
Pronotoum: As basic colour/pattern
Leg colour: Orange

Major storage pest of legumes, especially chick peas (Cicer arietinum). Orginated from Africa, now throughout the tropics, subtropics and parts of Europe.


Status: occasional scattered records since 1925 with imported/stored pulses.
Habitat: Storage facilities
Host plant: Stored legumes/pulses
Overwintering: In storage facilities
Food: Stored legumes/pulses

Distribution (may take a minute to appear)