Bembidion virens Gyllenhal, 1827

Taxonomy: Adephaga > Carabidae > Bembidion > Trichoplataphus > Bembidion virens


Size: 4.4-5.2mm
Basic colour: Black with a metallic bronze reflection.
Pattern colour: Greenish highlights on frons and pronotal hind angles.
Pronotoum: Very shiny.
Leg colour: Appendages black, shining metallic.
Confusion species: Bembidion virens


Status: A relict population. Very scarce.
RDB Category: Endangered
Habitat: In shingle and coarse sand by lakes and rivers.
Other notes: Microsculpture coarser on head than on the pronotum. Elytral striae complete, finely punctured basally. Abdominal sternites each with a row of fine punctures and hairs along their hind margins. Wings present.

Distribution (may take a minute to appear)