Aphthona pallida

Taxonomy: Polyphaga > Chrysomeloidea > Chrysomelidae > Aphthona > Aphthona pallida


Aphthona pallida
Aphthona pallida


Size: 1.5-1.8mm
Basic colour: Yellowish with head black; suture may be darkened. Darker brown forms may exist but this is uncertain.
Pattern colour: None
Number of spots: None
Pronotoum: As basic colour
Leg colour: As basic colour with hind femora red-brown and tarsi may be darkened apically.
Confusion species: Aphthona nigriceps

New in 2012 UK checklist.

Some records of A. nigripes are attributable to A. pallida, so true distribution unknown; may be more widespread/common that current records suggest.



Status: Recorded from Scotland and Yorkshire since 2009, but possibly more widespread - see below.
Habitat: Grassland
Host plant: Meadow crane's-bill Geranium pratense
Overwintering: Unknown
Food: Assumed to be leaves of host plant
Other notes: Dissection may be required in order to view the aedeagus and separate from A. nigripes.


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