Anisodactylus poeciloides (Stephens, 1828)

Taxonomy: Adephaga > Carabidae > Anisodactylus > Anisodactylus poeciloides

Common name: 

Saltmarsh Short-spur


Anisodactylus poeciloides
Anisodactylus poeciloides


Size: 9-12.5mm
Basic colour: Shining metallic coppery green.
Pronotoum: Sides rounded, hind angles curved and hardly distinct; base with coarse rugose punctuation, sides, anterior region and a part of disc sometimes finely punctured.
Leg colour: Black
Confusion species: Harpalus affinis

UK Priority Species data collation Anisodactylus poeciloides


Status: Scarce. Local around the south and east coasts of England from Dorset to Suffolk.
UKBAP Species: Yes
Habitat: Under stones and litter on open saline coastal habitats including the upper parts of saltmarshes.
Other notes: Elytral shoulders bluntly angled, bases of intervals with scattered punctures, outer two intervals with dense semi-errect pale pubescence; apices rounded, slightly diverging, with rather transverse sub-apical sinuatiuon.

Distribution (may take a minute to appear)