Agonum scitulum Dejean, 1828

Taxonomy: Adephaga > Carabidae > Agonum > Europhilus > Agonum scitulum


Size: 5.6-7.1mm
Basic colour: Shiny Black
Pattern colour: Dorsal surface with a bluish reflection
Pronotoum: 1.25 times as wide as long, widest in front of middle and rather strongly narrowed towards the obtuse hind angles; side borders widened and strongly raised in front of these with foveae distinct.
Leg colour: Black, except tibia which are redish brown.

UK Priority Species data collation Agonum scitulum


Status: Scarce. Local in England and Wales.
UKBAP Species: Yes
Habitat: Shaded marshes and carrs.
Other notes: Elytra rather short, together 1.5 times as long as wide, with sides strongly rounded.

Distribution (may take a minute to appear)