Acupalpus dubius Schilsky, 1888

Taxonomy: Adephaga > Carabidae > Acupalpus > Acupalpus dubius


Acupalpus dubius
Acupalpus dubius


Size: 2.5-2.8mm
Basic colour: Pale to mid-reddish brown.
Pattern colour: Pronotum paler than head and much of the elytra.
Pronotoum: Widest well in front of the middle. Sides almost straight behind this, hind angles rounded but distinct; foveae almost impunctate.
Leg colour: Yellow or pale brown.
Confusion species: Acupalpus exiguus
, Confusion species: Acupalpus flavicollis


Status: Widespreadand often abundant in southern Britain. Often coastal in Wales and Ireland.
Habitat: Litter, moss and tussocks near fresh water.
Other notes: Head narrower than pronotum. Elytra rather convex, dilated apically so they are widest in apical third. Third interval with dorsal puncture.

Distribution (may take a minute to appear)