Acupalpus elegans


(Dejean, 1829)
Size: 4-4.5mm
Basic colour: Head black, pronotum normally uniformally bright red-brown. Elytra black with basal third, suture and margins red brown.
Pronotoum: Transverse, sides strongly rounded and hind angles indistinct; foveae almost impunctate.
Leg colour: Brown.
Confusion species: Acupalpus flavicollis
, Confusion species: Acupalpus parvulus

Abax parallelus


(Duftschmid, 1812)

Now considered to be a non-established introduction so removed from checklist.

Size: 13.8-19.0mm
Basic colour: Shiny black.
Confusion species: Abax parallelepipedus

Acupalpus dubius


Schilsky, 1888
Size: 2.5-2.8mm
Basic colour: Pale to mid-reddish brown.
Pattern colour: Pronotum paler than head and much of the elytra.
Pronotoum: Widest well in front of the middle. Sides almost straight behind this, hind angles rounded but distinct; foveae almost impunctate.
Leg colour: Yellow or pale brown.
Confusion species: Acupalpus exiguus
, Confusion species: Acupalpus flavicollis

Acupalpus brunnipes


(Sturm, 1825)
Size: 3-3.5mm
Basic colour: Black or dark brown.
Pattern colour: Elytral suture slightly paler than rest of body.
Pronotoum: Very shiny. Widest in front of the middle, sides rounded throughout and hind angles hardly distinct. Foveae with scattered punctures.
Leg colour: Pale brown.
Confusion species: Acupalpus exiguus

Abax parallelepipedus


(Piller & Mitterpacher, 1783)
Size: 17-22mm
Basic colour: Shining black.
Pronotoum: Widest in front of middle, sides behind this almost straight and converging to sharp rectangular hind angles. Hind margin concave, foveae double, linear and unpunctured.
Leg colour: Black.


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