Pre-publication offer: The Beetles of Hertfordshire

This new book provides a comprehensive and well-illustrated account of all species of beetle recorded in Hertfordshire to date. The author is Trevor James, well-known as a coleopterist and expert biological recorder, and it is published by the Hertfordshire Natural History Society. 

The book covers 2,483 species with nearly 500 pages and over 600 colour photographs, plus chapters on recording, conservation and habitats, and will be of interest well beyond the county boundaries. Trevor has 35 years of experience as Hertfordshire County Recorder for beetles, and this book will be a benchmark for many years to come.

Publication is expected in July 2018, and a pre-publication offer is now available at £25 + p&p, a saving of £20 from the full price. For full details and to purchase online go to the HNHS website.

Beetles of Hertfordshire - cover