Common name:

Cylindrical bark beetles, narrow timber beetles

Number of species:


Size Range:



3-3-3, 4-4-4, 5-4-4.


  • Aulonium trisulcus
  • Bitoma crenata
  • Colydium elongatum
  • Endophloeus markovichianus
  • Orthocerus clavicornis
  • Synchita humeralis


12 species in Britain, 1-6mm long, oval to elongate, mostly brown, black or grey although Bitoma crenata (Fabricius) has orange elytra with a black saddle marking.  Most species are convex or flattened as a consequence of living beneath bark, though they can also be found in fungi, decaying vegetable matter (including potatoes decaying underground) or within the galleries of other wood-boring beetles.  One species, Endophloeus markovichianus (Piller and Mitterpacker) was last found in Britain in 1927 and is likely to be extinct here: Pycnomerus terebrans (Olivier) is only known in Britain from bronze age fossils and is no longer on the British list.