Common name:

False flower beetles

Number of species:


Size Range:



4-4-4, 5-5-4. Lobed or not.


  • Anaspis frontalis
  • Anaspis rufilabris
  • Anaspis thoracica
  • Scraptia fuscula


A family of 14 small (2.5-5mm) beetles in Britain, similar in appearance and habitat preferences to the Mordellidae but without the elongate spine-like pygidium.  Generally black or brown, oval, pubescent beetles found on flowers, particularly of hawthorn, during June, July & August.  The larvae develop in dead wood or leaf litter, although those of Anaspis pulicaria Costa may develop in the stems of woody plants.  Scraptia dubia (Olivier) has not been found in Britain in over a century and is likely to be extinct here, while A. bohemica Schilsky and A. costai Emery are scarce and restricted to the Scottish Highlands and southern England respectively.