Common name:

Jewel beetles

Number of species:


Size Range:



5-5-5. Lobed.


  • Agrilus angustulus
  • Anthaxia nitidula
  • Aphanisticus pusillus
  • Melanophila acuminata
  • Trachys minuta
  • Trachys troglodytes


One of the more famous beetle families due to the bright metallic colours of some of the tropical species, there are just 17 species in Britain and most are restricted to the south of England.  They are elongate, parallel-sided beetles, 2-12mm long and tapering to a point at the posterior end: many are metallic green.  Larval exit holes in wood have a characteristic D-shape and are often the first clue to the existence of a colony. 

Eleven species are saproxylic: in particular Melanophila acuminata (De Geer) is the only resident beetle species to be associated strongly with fire-damaged wood, and can be found on lowland heathland.  Six species (Trachys and Aphanisticus spp.) have larvae which mine leaves or stems.