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WILKINSON, W. Lived at Goldthorpe near Doncaster and was a member of the Doncaster Naturalists Society from 1947 (information from Peter Skidmore). Specimens collected by him and mounted on glass are in the general collection there. (MD 12/04)
WILKINSON, Thomas c.1818 – 13 April 1876

Well-known Scarborough Micro-Lepidopterist who studied Coleoptera in later life. He published 8 notes in EMM starting with ‘Ant’s nests beetles at Scarborough’ 2, 1865,14 and finishing with ‘Helophorus tuberculatus in Yorks’ 11, 1875, 235. He is mentioned in the Gorham diary at Birmingham and the Janson diary at Cambridge eg. February 1870. Rye, Ent.Ann., 1869, 26, records that Wilkinson sent him beetles for naming. His main collection of beetles is in the Mason collection at Bolton (the specimens are marked in purple) and Simms (1968) records material in the W.C. Hey collection at York. There is an obituary in EMM, 12, 1876, 279. (MD 12/04, 12/21)

WILKIN, Simon 1790 – 1862 The wealthy Norwich naturalist and printer who employed John Curtis to curate his private museum and offered him a home, and who published Denny (1825). Some of his finds of beetles are recorded by Stephens (1828) pp.60, 158. He published a Catalogue of some rare insects in the collection of S. Wilkin, 1816, which I have not seen, and is recorded to have started a Catalogue of British Insects which was never published, but which formed the basis for Curtis’s Guide to the Arrangement of British Insects, 1829. (MD 12/04)
WILDING, Richard 19 June 1858 - 2 December 1949 Born at Croston, near Preston. Became interested in entomology at an early age. Collected both Lepidoptera and Coleoptera but the latter were always his main interest. Philip Harwood said of him that he was indefatigable worker and that he was indebted to him for such rarities as Aegialia rufa, Leiodes ciliaris and L. furva (EMM.,86, 1950, p.95). Wilding’s records are included in Willoughby Ellis (1889) and Sharp (1908). He wrote 8 notes in EMM. between 1884-88 but after that appears to have published most of his material through the LCES. Wilding’s collection amounting to some 10,000 specimens in 34 wooden store boxes, was purchased by Liverpool Museum for £75 after his death (50.36). It includes material from Bennett, Kinder, Newbery, Collins, J.J.Walker, Tomlin, Hallett, Bullock, M.L.Thompson and Harwood. The Museum also possesses a folder of ms material associated with it including a letter from R.W.Lloyd to Wilding’s daughter, Mrs Pritchard, asking about her father’s death, and a portrait. There are also beetles collected by him in the Kidson Taylor collection at Manchester. Member LCES from 1881 (Council 1890,; Vice President 1901,1904,1905; President 1914, 1919, 1924, 1927, 1932-34, 1946). (MD 12/04)

He is listed by James,T.J. (2018) as providing a special contribution either in the form of a comprehensive site list or a substantial number of records (MD 1/22)

WHITTON, Miss M.E. Recorded by Lott (2009) as a collector in Leicestershire before 1901 (p.25). (MD 11/09)
WHITTACKER, O. His Coleoptera records are listed in Sharp (1908). FESL from 1913. (MD 12/04)
WHITEHEAD, John M. Gave and sold more than 1,800 beetles to Glasgow Museum in three lots between 1917 and 1926; 676 were described as foreign and the remainder as British and European. (MD 12/04)
WHITEHEAD, John 1861 – 1899 Lived c.1889-93 in Java, Malakka, Palawan, Borneo and the Philippines, when he collected beetles which were sold via Jansons. (MD 12/04)
WHITE, Michael George FRES from 1953 with an interest in wood boring beetles and forest insects. (MD 1/07)