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ANDERSON, Roy (Robert) b. 10 February 1947

Educated at Annadale Grammar School and Queen's University, Belfast. His primary degree is in Pure Chemistry (2.1 Hons). Wrote his postgraduate thesis on 'Nitrogen metabolism of hormone-stimulated, folate-deficient, chick oviduct' before working for the N. Ireland Department of Agriculture, as an agricultural chemist. In retirement (2007) he has taken up work full-time on the systematics and biogeography of not just Coleoptera but non-marine Mollusca, Isopoda, Chilopoda, Diplopoda and Ascomycotina (Fungi). He works part-time as a consultant on environmental matters with the N. Ireland Environment Agency, National Parks and Wildlife Agency, Republic of Ireland and numerous ngos and commercial firms.

Since retiring he has become a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society (2008) and has co-authored the Royal Entomological Society Handbook (12: Parts 7, 8) on Staphylinidae Oxyporinae to Staphylininae (2011) with Derek Lott and Slugs of Britain & Ireland. Identi­fication, understanding and control (2014), with Ben Rowson and others.

He has also published widely on British and Irish Carabidae including: 'Hidden species within the genus Ocys Stephens: the widespread species O. harpaloides (Audinet-Serville) and O. tachysoides (Antoine) (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Bembidiini)' with D.R.Maddison. Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift, 2016, 63(2): 287–301,; 'Temporal and spatial variation in carabid assemblages from the United Kingdom Environmental Change Network' with W.A.Scott. Biological Conservation, 2003, 110,  197-210;  'Proteinus crenulatus Pandellé (Staphylinidae) new to Ireland with a comment on separation from other Proteinus'. The Coleopterist 23(3): 149; 'Bisnius subuliformis (Gravenhorst) and Quedius nigrocaeruleus Fauvel (Staphylinidae) new to Ireland, from bird boxes', with Bryan, M.D. The Coleopterist, 2013, 22(3): 116; and The beetles of decaying wood in Ireland. A provisional annotated checklist of saproxylic Coleoptera. with K.N.A Alexander, Irish Wildlife Manuals, No. 65. 2012,, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of the Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Dublin, Ireland). To date he has added 87 species of Coleoptera to the Irish list and published 265 articles and papers on a variety of subjects, 147 of these on Coleoptera.

Anderson's own collection includes about 7,000 specimens of Irish Coleoptera in all groups, and about 500 specimens from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Israel, Kenya and Alaska. It includes types of Poophylax villosa Anderson & Fuller (2005) from the Falkland Isles. Specimens collected by him may also be found in the collections of the Ulster Museum and the British Museum.

Present address is 1 Belvoirview Park, Belfast BT8 7BL, N. Ireland. (RA 8/17)


6 beetles among various insects collected by Anderson in Africa, Florida and England were part of the Imperial Bureau of Entomology gift to the NHM in February 1921. (MD 8/17)

ANDERSON, Mrs I or J.B. d. 1933

Presented 39 beetles from Argentina to the NHM, 1930/31 and the Museum received a further 100 in 1933 from her estate. (MD 8/17)


7 beetles amongst various insects collected by Anderson in Africa, Australia and Colombia were part of the Imperial Bureau of Entomology gift to the NHM in April 1921. (MD 8/17)


Collected 35 beetles in Northen China acquired by the NHM in 1908. (MD 8/17)

ANDERSON, Joseph d. 1934? Best known as a Hampshire Lepidopterist but amongst his extensive list of publications are several pieces on other groups including beetles, for example ‘Winter quarters of Coccinellidae’, Scientific Gossip, 11, 1875, p.166 and ‘The scales of Lepidoptera and Coleoptera’, Young Naturalist, 1, 1879-80, pp.27-29. Anderson lived in Chichester for much of his life. (MD 7.01)

Discovered Coccinella andersoni named after him by Thomas Wollaston (Information from Mike Morris) (MD 8/17)


Published an account of the discovery of  Harmonia quadripunctata (Pont.) in Oxon. in EMM., 115, 1979, 34 at which time he was attached to the Hope Department at Oxford. (MD 8/17)


Published 'The supply of oxygen to the active flight muscles of Petrognatha gigas (F.) in Ent. , 98, 1965, 88-94, with P.L.Miller. At that time he was attached to the Department of Zoology at Oxford University. (MD 8/17)


AMOS, Terence George

Attached to the Victorian Plant Research Institute, Swan Street, Burnley 3121, Victoria, Australia, but worked previously for the Tropical Stored Products Research Centre at Slough. Wrote this Ph.D thesis on 'Studies on the orientation behaviour of Carpophilus hemipterus L. and C. dimidiatus F. and other stored products beetles in humidity gradients' (St. Andrews University, 1965). Subsequently  published 'Some observations on locomotory activity of Carpophilus hemipterus L. and C. dimidiatus F.', EMM.,103, 1967, 241; 'Some laboratory observations on the rates of development, mortality and oviposition of Dermestes frischii (Kug.) Journal Stored Products Research, 4, 1968,'103-17; 'Some observations on Oryzaephilus surinamensis  (L.) in a temperature-moisture gradient', Ent, 101, 1968, 67-70; and on 'Longevity of Dermestes frischii (Kug.)', EMM., 107, 1971, 79. He was elected FRES in 1961. (MD 8/17)