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WHICHER, Leonard Sydney 1912 - 1998 K.C.Lewis tells me that there are specimens in his collection collected by Whicher and a collection of 1,000 Coleoptera, mostly Aphodiinae from especially the Home Counties and the south, was acquired by Manchester in 1965. Other families were acquired by M.L. Luff (Carabidae) and L. Christie. (Johnson (2004) p. 16). (MD 12/04, 12/06)
WHICHER, Leonard Sydney 1912-1998 A collection of 1,000 Coleoptera, mostly Aphodiinae from especially the Home Counties and the south, was acquired by Manchester in 1965. Other families were acquired by M.L.Luff (Carabidae), L. Christie. (Johnson (2004) p.16) and there are specimens in K. Lewis's collectioon. (MD 12/04)
WHITE, Adam 29 April 1817 – 4 January 1879 Born in Edinburgh and educated in the High School there. Came to London determined to pursue natural history in which he had a strong interest and joined the staff of the British Museum in December 1835. From 1842 –1850 he had charge of the Coleoptera Collections. Waterhouse (1906) p.553, states that in 1846 ‘he arranged the Cetoniadae and, in 1847, the Hydrocanthari; commencing the Buprestidae the same year, he completed them in 1848; then proceeded to the Cleridae, completed in 1849’. In 1851-52 he was engaged upon the Longicornia which he completed in 1855. He retired from the Museum with mental problems in 1863 and was granted a pension. His obituary in EMM., 15, 1879, pp.210-211, records that even though he was confined to several asylums in Scotland he still continued to write. During his time at the Museum White published many papers on a range of subjects including some twenty or so on Coleoptera, most describing new species, particularly Cerambycidae, and several catalogues. The types of nearly all the specimens he described are in the NHM. FESL 1839-56. (MD 12/04)
WHITE, Francis Buchanan 20 March 1842 – 3 December 1894 Well known botanist, Lepidopterist and Hemipterist who founded the Scottish Naturalist in 1871. Michael Taylor tells me that there are a large number of his beetles in Perth Museum which, together with those of Thomas McGregor, form the basis of the Museum collection. His obituary in ERJV., 6, 1895, p.56 makes no mention of Coleoptera. FESL 1868-94. Gilbert lists 8 other obituaries including Ent., 28, 1895, pp.25-27, which includes a portrait and bibliography. (MD 12/04)
WHITE, J.S. A Coleopterist who lived at Droylsdon, near Manchester. His collection was acquired by Tomlin. (Information from Adrian Amsden). (MD 12/04)
WHITE, Michael George FRES from 1953 with an interest in wood boring beetles and forest insects. (MD 1/07)
WHITEHEAD, John 1861 – 1899 Lived c.1889-93 in Java, Malakka, Palawan, Borneo and the Philippines, when he collected beetles which were sold via Jansons. (MD 12/04)
WHITEHEAD, John M. Gave and sold more than 1,800 beetles to Glasgow Museum in three lots between 1917 and 1926; 676 were described as foreign and the remainder as British and European. (MD 12/04)
WHITTACKER, O. His Coleoptera records are listed in Sharp (1908). FESL from 1913. (MD 12/04)
WHITTON, Miss M.E. Recorded by Lott (2009) as a collector in Leicestershire before 1901 (p.25). (MD 11/09)