Photo Gallery

Here are some things to consider when adding images to the gallery.

Image Quality

The current configuration allows images to be imported at resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 pixels. This is totally arbitrary but is set since it economises a bit on server storage space and since screen displays are generally no bigger than this. It is assumed that this is not a repository for print quality images. Whatever size images are uploaded, they are resized to provide a uniform display on the website.

When uploading images, aim to complement what is already there. Upload photos which

  • illustrate life stages and colour forms not currently in the gallery,
  • illustrate a characteristic of the species not already well illustrated,
  • are of better quality than existing images.

Photos which are similar to existing ones or of lower quality make the gallery less useable.


Copyright, legally speaking, prevents reuse of the image without permission (but be aware that it is easy for anyone to copy images off the website) and is appropriate for anyone hoping to sell their work.

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike allows images to be reused without permission but must acknowledge the photographer. This could be considered helpful in encouraging the study of beetles but could also undermine those who seek to make money by selling their photos. There are variants of this licence for non-commercial use only.

The decision about whether to use a Creative Commons licence and, if so, which one, needs discussion within the community.