Editing Species Accounts

A page has been created for every species in the checklist. (Well, nearly all. This was created against the 2008 checklist so there will be some changes with respect to the newer checklist. I'm also not sure that I have adequately dealt with sub species.)

This page can be edited to add detailed information about a species as follows.

  1. You must be logged in before you can make changes to the website.
  2. Use the species finder on the home page to go to the species page then click on the edit tab.
  3. You may edit the fields as follows.
    1. Do not change the Species except to account for changes in the checklist.
    2. The Authority and NBN TVK will have been correctly completed in most cases and can be left alone.
    3. Enter a Common Name if there is one.
    4. A Description and information about Biology can be written. Some guidelines on what to write are needed.
    5. Lastly check the Scheme that records the species, if any.
  4. Always click the Save button after making changes.

Key Facts

This is the second version of this website and the species account has been much simplified. Previously there were more small fields with grains of information. To avoid losing this information, where it had been completed, it has been copied in to a Key table. I call it key facts not just because they are small nuggets of information but also because they had the potential to help filter or key out species. For example, one of the fields is Basic Colour which could be used to only list species of a certain colour. However, using these facts in this manner could only work if the vocabulary is controlled and currently it is just text.

Where there is Key Facts information, it appears in the sidebar on the left of the Species Account. I think it would be good for the community to decide what to do with this. Keep it as it is, abandon it or improve it?

To add Key Facts for a species

  1. You must be logged in before you can make changes to the website.
  2. Goto Content > Add content in the Admin menu (the black bar at the top of the screen). and select Key
  3. In the form that appears there are only three things that you need to complete.
    1. Species. Start typing the species name and it will pop up in an auto-suggest list. Select the desired species.
    2. UKBAP Species. Check the box if it is a Biodiversity Action Plan species.
    3. RDB Category. Select the Red Data Book Category, if applicable
    4. Size, Basic Colour, Pattern Colour, Number of Spots, Pronotum, Leg Colour. Enter text as desired.
    5. Spot fusions. Select if applicable.
  4. Always click the Save button after making changes.