Developer Notes

Adding a new scheme

  1. Add an entry in the Scheme vocabulary. This should bewritten so that it equates to its tokenised form which will appear in urls. The easiest way to do this is to use a single word.
  2. If the scheme will have content pages within this site then
    1. Create a menu for the scheme.
    2. Add a content type of Page - Scheme for pages relating to the sceme. This is to make life easier for editors so that they are less likely to create content with the wrong url or in the wrong menu.
    3. Configure url alias patterns for this content type to scheme/[node:title]
    4. Create a home page for the scheme using the new content type but override the automatic url to scheme/home.
  3. Create a node of type Scheme and fill out the details. Check the internal link if you have created scheme pages.
  4. Tag all the relevant species nodes with the scheme name. There might be a way to use Feeds to update all nodes from a csv list.